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Comments and suggestions on immigration policy (24/04/03)

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“In my view the federal (or rightly confederal) system of Switzerland has much to commend it. As I’m sure you know the smallest unit of administration is the Commune, roughly equivalent to our Parish Councils. The difference however is that much more is done by these Communes than ever is by Parish Councils, they really are the basic level of government. True subsidiarity it might be argued.

The Swiss approach to immigration is also somewhat interesting. Non-Swiss nationals can apply and possibly be granted guest worker status (subject to criteria). This status is subject to periodic renewal. After I think five years the guest worker can apply for full citizenship, subject to approval by the commune council in which he/she has been residing. Obviously cases of marriage of Swiss nationals to foreigners are different.

Do we need guest workers? We already have them, but the “dog’s dinner” of immigration policy and assylum laws ensure that nobody knows what the hell is really going on. Perhaps because as a result of welfarism, or media advertising to which we are all to some extent exposed, many working class whites, and increasingly non-whites will turn their noses up at what they consider to be menial work, i.e. cleaning lavatories, hospital bed pans etc. Then of course there is the better educated specialists, who we just didn’t produce, but still badly need.

Furthermore the up side of immigration since the 50’s has been the introduction to England of many enriching cultural experiences, ones we can’t turn or backs on. Lastly, I would add that particularly the Asian community in England stand out as a beacon of distributist ideals to be admired and one would hope copied. The independent, self reliant, family orientated approach to life, often given economic expression through the small shopkeeper situation is surely what 3W is all about.

Perhaps the Swiss system offers a better model for locally balanced, locally sensitive “appropriate” immigration, rather than “the sledge hammer approach” of central government organised immigration, expressed at it’s worst in the massively dislocating phenomena of mass immigration.

Our response

This letter makes constructive suggestions which will be considered by our Policy making body – the National Executive.


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