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Could 3W do well in Scottish Assembly elections? (24/04/03)

Letters represent the views of their senders and may not necessarily accord with the views of 3W.


“I genuinely believe that you could have your first ever parliamentarian elected in the Scottish Assembly. We have proportional representation up here and small parties are getting people elected. It has happened with the SSP and the Greens and it would happen with the Brand new Scottish Peoples Alliance if only they weren’t so out of touch with the entire country. Small parties have a good profile here and I genuinely belive that with your progressive agenda you would get a lot of support. Having somebody elected up here is highly posible for a small party. You would only need about 7% of the vote in any given region and you would get somebody elected, I do think its possible.”

Our response

We only stand where we can give Candidates support financially and with activists. We’re only a small organisation and everything depends on whether people who support our aims get involved. Certainly the points raised are food for thought.


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