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Legal Appeal for Mark Walker.

Many of you will have heard of the Mark Walker case. He is a teacher at the Sunnydale Community College in Shildon, County Durham. He is 36, a former RAF weapons technician, a popular Design and Technology Teacher, a husband and father. The stress placed on Mark and his family due to the uncertainty surrounding his income and employment is enormous.

He has been suspended from his job since March, allegedly due to misusing school computers whilst at work, but his Union believes his real ‘crime’ was standing as a candidate for the controversial British National Party.

Mark is being victimised by those promoting the New McCarthyism.

His Trades Union Solidarity welcomes all members whatever their political background and takes a hard line against political discrimination. If a Communist were being harassed at work because of their political beliefs we in Third Way and Solidarity would speak out for them. Freedom of Association and the right to a livelihood, regardless of political affiliation, is a serious matter and Solidarity is vigourously defending Mark.


Beyond all the petitions and letters in the press condeming this curse of political correctness it looks likely that Solidarity will have to support and fund legal advice and action to protect Mark’s rights. How can you help?

Well if you believe in Free Speech, Freedom of Association and a mans (or woman’s) democratic right to a livelihood then please send a donation.

We all know that Legal costs can run into many thousands of pounds and there is no guarantee of success but we believe that injustice must be challenged.

This case is about fundamental liberal values. The right to stand for public office without fear of discrimination or harassment. The right to some privacy at work. The right to express non-establishment views.

We urge you to send as much as you can afford. The Solidarity website will chart the its progress. Please help Solidarity defend basic democratic and human rights.

Post a donation to: Solidarity Trade Union , PO Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN. Or donate online at the Solidairity website.


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