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Our Heartland

A Message to the People of England…

A familiar image is that of St. George, the Patron Saint of England, killing a dragon. Inherent in the symbolism of the picture is an overcoming. Not just an overcoming of external forces as at might at first appear but an overcoming of self. The dragon is a symbol not just of evil but of the evil within ourselves. In a materialist, consumerist society the symbol reminds us of our spiritual purpose. It calls us back to duty.

Our duty to our Land and People should rank alongside our duty to our families. Our Heartland is in sore need of help. It would be easy to descend into hatred or bitterness looking at the sick society we live in. The symbol of St. George should remind us, however, that it is only with the correct spirit that evil can be overcome. Our problems are not external. We cannot blame others for what has become of our Nation. We have only ourselves to blame.

Such a recognition should not prevent us from taking positive action, however. Our resistance must continue. We reject the prevalent morality, the corruption of the public sphere, the reduction of needs to money and the destruction of our culture and environment. We organise for renewal, for regeneration and for rebirth. We do not draw on hatred to motivate us but on love and on duty. We do not look back in nostalgia but forward in hope.

In twos and threes and sevens we gather to discuss, to plan and to act. This is the Third Way. Join with like minds and take action. Our Heartland is what we desire our Land to be. A Land respected and admired abroad for its foundation on moral principles. A People confident and proud, at ease amongst themselves. Our Heartland is already within us. We can externalise it only through will and through action.

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