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Race and Racism 2

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Amidst the fury concerning Sir Paul Condon’s remarks about mugging, I have noticed the media seem to be mainly preoccupied with highlighting the viewpoints of an unrepresentative minority of opinion, as often happens with such issues.

The usual ragbag of self-appointed ‘black community leaders’, left-wing MPs, ‘civil rights’ groups and do-gooders are regularly interviewed by the BBC with the hope of undermining a long overdue initiative.

Where are the victims of muggings and other black crimes who are mainly White or Asian? They appear not to have a voice – instead we hear from extremists with every intention of covering up a very serious and disturbing problem and if they succeed in their aim, causing the police to capitulate, a green light for muggers will operate, causing untold misery, and people will leave cities in even greater numbers.

Surely it is better to tackle the problem head on, then we can give support to the silent majority who are sick to death of the lack of action of previous years.

It is time for all law abiding people, of all races, to say enough is enough.

Yours faithfully,

R. White


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