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Race and Racism 3

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As long as there is still anti-semitism in the world, there has to be one place on the planet with open borders for all Jews. It has been a serious historical mistake to have foisted all the blame for the Holocaust on the Nazis.

The slaughter was allowed to happen because no other country would open their borders to fleeing Jews. If, for example, today’s Russian nationalism were to ignite the pogrom mentality of the past, where would 2 million Jews be welcome other than Israel? If there were no anti-semitism, there would be no need for a Jewish state. The central problem of zionism is the victimization of the Palestinians.

Jewish Zionism versus Palestinian Zionism isn’t a matter of right versus wrong. It’s a matter of right versus right. But, until the world can figure out a way to resolve the old “Jewish question” in a humane righteous manner, then there must always be a sanctuary with open borders for Jews; a Jewish state.

Editor’s note :
This is a response to the articles by Rabbi Schiller on the subjects of Zionism and Israel; see our site index.


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