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Race and Racism1

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You claim to be against racism and discrimination but in your manifesto there is specific reference to ‘non european’ immigration. That is surely a euphemism for ‘coloured’ or ‘of non european race’, and that means you are racists despite what you say in other parts of your manifesto.

Editor’s note :
The manifesto refers to the undesirability of further mass immigration, and does indeed specify “non-european” mass immigration, but two points should be kept in mind. Firstly, the populations of the european countries themselves cover just about all races. Secondly, the UK is a member of an EU which has unrestricted movement of population between countries, thus immigration from within europe is no longer really under the control of the British government. In retrospect, it might have been clearer had we used the term “non-EU” rather than “non-european”.



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