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Re letter in "Alternative Green"

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I read your letter “Ideas Instead of Bluster” published in Alternative Green with great interest. Like you I disagree with much I read in AG but applaud their spirit; and defend their right to freedom of speech which the left-wing thought police are trying to deny them.

I too favour dialogue between people and organisations from different parts of the political spectrum; those people who aren’t intimidated into silence fearful of ‘guilt by association’.

Many ideas from the Left and Right are bankrupt and only free and open discussion can clarify what is and isn’t, where agreement can and cannot be reached.

People who take the time to think for themselves, for a change, about issues might be in for a pleasant surprise, and the State for an even greater one.
Attempts to stop such a process from taking place, either through the pages of a disinformation rag such as Searchlight or the counterproductive antics of trashing a soft-target bookshop, should be condemned.

Indeed how ironic that the ‘Freedom’ Bookshop has banned AG literature from its dusty shelves; but then irony is lost on an outfit that still glorifies in supporting the Republic in the Spanish Civil War!

With dialogue in view I would like very much to take out a subscription to your magazine.

Best wishes,
I.R., Denmark


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