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Re the Referendum Party 2

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Surely it is nothing but a waste of time now in voting for any of the establishment parties when their leaders by reason of false grandeur and personal reward have settled for ultimate European rule over us. Let them try to wriggle out of it with their double talk as much as they like, but this is plainly the case. Will the parties want to hide the truth about how much power has already been lost to Europe?

For this treasonable act of surrendering their own Parliament, I think they deserve something very different from votes.


C E Farrer

Editor’s note :
Third Way has advised its members and allies in England to lend their support to the Referendum Party in the coming election, unless there is a Third Way candidate. Whilst deploring the transfer of sovereignty to the EC (in circumstances reminiscent of the removal of Scottish sovereignty to London in 1707) we remain mindful of the desperate need for reforms within Britain itself….


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