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Re the Referendum Party 3

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You say to vote for the Referendum Party but what is that going to achieve? Look at its adverts – one of the things they say is that the EC should not tell us the hours we can work. What the EC did was try to stop bad employers working people very long hours without the choice or the overtime pay. They said people are entitled to holidays and a break after so many hours of working, and to decent pay. What do you want – a coolie sweatshop? Why not go all the way and tell people to vote Tory and then we can all enjoy getting screwed by Portillo and the rest. Or is that the idea, first to pull out of Europe so they can really grind us down with nobody to stop them? Radical my arse.

Editor’s note :
Yes, some points made by the Referendum Party do suck. Their stance is probably due to the presence of people such as Walters, who as one of Maggie’s economic wizards helped create the present divisive mess in society. But against this one must consider the views of Goldsmith himself : he maintains that Britain — and (fortress) Europe — should sensibly aim towards building a high-tech, well-paid and socially and ecologically responsible society.

Britain has been cited by international bodies such as the OECD as potentially unstable in the longer term owing to the disparities of wealth and opportunity within the population, and these divisions are getting worse. On the face of it that could seem an argument for, not against, EC intervention.

We, however, took the view that any potential short-term easing of the problems in Britain was offset by the longer-term probability that Europe would be pushed towards the same policies as we are now suffering. The power that imposes benign legislation today, could equally well impose a stinker tomorrow…. Our position seems vindicated by the present or planned cuts in health and welfare provision in the various EC countries. Note how, despite the unemployment figures and the downsizing of workforces, there is little or no talk nowadays of earlier retirement or increased leisure for all…. instead, they fret about how best to work people at reduced pay until they die, lest they burden the State. And the dictates of “free competition” are that our conditions should decline till they can compete with the worst (and cheapest) in the world. As power becomes more centralised in Europe via the EC (and its intended Central Bank) these exploitative and dictatorial attitudes will inevitably prevail throughout — the people existing to serve the economy….

A country is a unit still small enough for these trends to be reversed; a Euro super-State would be a remote entity so large as to make reform exceedingly difficult — and that is even before its Masters invoke the classic “divide and rule” stratagem. There’s enough mess to sort out in Britain as it is, without the added risk of reforms being blocked by reactionary Eurocrats.

That is why we advise lending support to the Referendum Party. It is a matter of expediency, not an end in itself.


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