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Regarding Third Way position on Iraq and our reply

Letters represent the views of their senders and may not necessarily accord with the views of 3W.


“I saw your website and was intrigued by your description as radical centre, a political position I hold myself.

I didn’t notice any attitude about the proposed war against Iraq, and I wondered why you were not actively campaigning against it.

The war has three aims:
* to allow U.S. multinational corporations to gain control of the Iraqi oilfields
* to weaken the Arabs for the next Israeli attack on them
* to distract the American electorate from the mess that George W. Bush has made of their economy

None of these are in Britain’s interest. On the contrary they are against our common interests. So who else wants the war and who will benefit for it? Well apart from us, only Israel seems to have signed up for George Bush’s war.

Last October Ariel Sharon was reported on Kol Yisrael radio as saying that: “We the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it”. At the same time a leading Labour M.P. has pointed out that America’s drive towards war has only occurred since and because Iraq has renegotiated its’ American oil contracts with France and Russia.

Should Britain spend vast amounts of taxpayers’ money on war for Bush’s oil barons and Israel’s territorial ambitions? Surely there are more important things that need doing over here?

As a lifelong opponent of communism, socialism and pacifism, I still find it hard to accept that laaast month I was marching in London alongside these groups opposing the war against Iraq, and calling for the liberation of Palestine.

Yet we all have a common enemy that poses a far greater threat to democracy and our way of life than those groups: a world dominated by a militant United States of America carrying out orders from multinational corporations, with more power than our democratically elected governments. The time has come to stand up for democracy in a way that the three main parties have so far failed to do.

I would urge your party to make a positive stand for the radical centre: put aside any natural reservations about those with whom you would become temporarily allied, and join the Stop the War coalition.

Join the protest, and mobilise your supporters. You don’t need to take action as part of a coalition of interests, you can act alone, and with your own perspective on the War.

I very much hope that you will have the wisdom to recognise what is in Britain’s best interests, and the courage to make a stand for it.”

Our position on Iraq

Our view on the sanctions and other warlike acts against Iraq is clear – total opposition. Our letter writer makes many good points. We suggest Third Way activists get involved with the Stop the War campaign and support local and national actions. We have witheld the name of the authour due to the controversial subject matter and the fact that he/she holds elected office.


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