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Solidarity and Third Way.

Henry Falconer gives his personal view

The Third Way is a libertarian organisation. We seek to co-operate where we can, build coalitions and work with others for mutual advantage and to promote our ideology.

The new Solidarity Union is a case in point. We don’t run or own it. We don’t operate ‘front’ groups. We recognise however that, unless you are a part of an existing and powerful tradition, there is very little impact a small group (and that includes most) can exert. As part of a larger body either in partnership or in the case of Solidarity as a part of a greater whole (where the majority of members would ultimately be independent of any external group), we can achieve some of our goals through negotiation and compromise.

Solidarity allows individuals of whatever political persuasion to contribute to the work of a union without fear of political bias or persecution. Indeed a number of its initial members have been expelled from existing unions for being ”politically incorrect’, either for their existing memberships or, in the case of our own Partick Harrington, membership of an organisation he voted to disband some 15 years ago!

We support the Civil Liberty charity called the ‘Judge Learned Hand Foundation’ which will fight for the liberty of all, including those who are presently excluded from Civil liberty groups or even from exercising their ‘freedoms’. So too we support this new union for the same reasons – we are against political exclusion, persecution and censorship.

Solidarity is for everyone

Let there be no mistake however, we would not become involved or remain in a body that was a ‘front group’ or limited itself to supporting just one faction of political life (however persecuted or maligned). When we say that “Solidarity is for everyone” we mean it. We hope therefore to help attract support from all persuasions and backgrounds who believe in the Unions aims, regardless of any other affiliation or opinion. It should not be seen as a body for the persecuted or isolated but one that can genuinely appeal to all, unhampered by obsessions with sideshows, diversions or political bias.

Solidarity fights for workers

Solidarity should be seen as a welcome addition to Union life, free of self-imposed restrictions, fighting for the rights of all British (of whatever political, racial or cultural background) workers. Instead of supporting some faction of political life or adopting a meaningless ‘workers of the world unite’ approach it can genuinely get down to working for the interests (economic rather than some spurious political goal) of its members. It will also be able to support the rights of workers threatened by globalisation, where jobs are lost through the decisions of international corporations. It should attack those Union bosses who are corrupt and in collusion with management to the detriment of those they claim to represent.

Solidarity, if it is to prosper, must develop into an open, inclusive but focused body that does not forget its roots but seeks to represent all those who are getting a raw deal from existing unions.

Become a member of this independent Trade Union, send your cheque for £60 to: –
Patrick Harrington
General Secretary

Solidarity Trades Union
Room 407
12 South Bridge

You can also arrange to pay by Standing Order at £5 a month – request a form from the office or e-mail solidaritygb@aol.com

Alternatively, join using Credit Card by clicking the button below. A yearly subscription of £60 will be charged.


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