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Support for the Fighting Union

Third Way Statement on Solidarity

The Executive of the Third Way fully support the Solidarity Union’s calling of an Emergency General Meeting for July 14th. It is vital that the members have their say and decide who will lead them forward and which direction they will take.

The disruption of the vital work of Solidarity at such an early stage of its development is difficult. There has been a great deal of speculation as to the causes and motivation of the small number of individuals involved in this disruption. We do not profess to have all the answers but we can say this. The unprofessional treatment and sniping directed at the General Secretary (and a member of the Third Way’s Executive) commenced almost from the beginning. We believe that these individuals did not appreciate our involvement for political reasons. Whether that stemmed from a fear of our positive and well-fournded ideology or fear that we would help to make the Union successful we do not know.

Being a Libertarian body we are prepared to work with all manner of individuals and groups if they
a) broadly support a common and specific cause
b) are a legal and ‘sane’ body.

Our involvement does not imply and endorsement of the opinions of others involved. It simply indicates that we are prepared to work in coalition with anyone who shares our views on the matter at hand.

We support the Solidarity Union because it robustly defends member’s jobs from globalisation (reflecting our nationalism) and does not persecute political rivals/opponents (reflecting our liberalism). Such a Union is long overdue.

We are confident that the steadfast and loyal members of Solidarity will resolve this minor if somewhat irritating disruption in due course and then we can all get back to building one Big, and successful, Union! We assure you that your comrades and brothers in Third Way continue to back you 100%.

Become a member of this independent Trade Union, send your cheque (made payable to Solidarity) for £60 to: –

Solidarity Trades Union
P O Box 93
Co. Durham
DL16 9AN

You can also arrange to pay by Standing Order at £5 a month – request a form from the office or e-mail solidaritygb@aol.com

Alternatively, join using Credit Card by clicking the button below.


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