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A Free Country? 14/04/2006

Is the UK still a free country? We have the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004, a post dated bid to justify the illegal slaughter of millions of animals during the foot-and-mouth crisis, giving authorised ministers the power to suspend all normal legal rights without redress or compensation during any future state of emergency.

We have elderly Labour supporters ejected and subsequently denied re-admittance to the party conference, under the Anti- Terrorism Act.

We’ve had Maya Evans arrested, under the Serious Organised Crime Act, for daring to read out the names of soldiers killed in Iraq in front of the Cenotaph in London, and anti-war campaigner Brian Haw removed from Parliament Square under the same Act.

We have the imminent impostion of identity cards, despite well-grounded objections that these would severely curtail people’s privacy and freedom, without making any real contribution to security.

We have the proposed Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bil, which would enable any government, present or future, to make and break laws without recourse to Parliament.

Blair and NuLab are destroying our hard-won freedoms. This is the most serious organised crime being perpetrated in our country.


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