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BNP and anti-establishment partes set for gains 21/04/2006

Labour Party politicians are predicting big gains for the British National Party, independents and other protest or anti- establishment candidates in Local Elections to be held on May 4.Labour MP, Margaret Hodge says “The Labour Party hasn’t talked to these people. This is a traditional Labour area but they are not used to engaging with us because all we do is put leaflets through doors. Part of the reason they switch to the BNP is they feel no one else is listening to them.”

Part of the reason why people aren’t voting Labour Margaret is because even if you pretended to listen and made sympathetic noises it would just be spin or PR. Few trust establishment politicians any more. People think them corrupt and self-serving. Many have realised establishment politicians are part of a class representing economic interests. They are distanced, disassociated and estranged from the concerns of ordinary folk. Even if they wanted to represent us they wouldn’t know how.


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