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First Sikh joins Solidarity 20/04/07

Opponents of the Independent Trade Union Solidairit have falsely claimed that it was ‘racist’. This is despite the fact that their very Constitution makes it clear that it is open to all regardless of political opinion, ethnicity or faith. The Union (supported by Third Way) stands for freedom and for the rights of all British Workers. This month they welcomed thier first Sikh member. Pramjit Sadra explained his reasons for joining Solidarity:-
“I have been aware of the shift of work away from ordinary British people which I feel undermines our communities. The shift toward cheap migrant workers and off-shoring, if allowed to continue will totally change this Nation. The effects have already been felt by many in the UK losing work to cheaper labour or suppressing wages, which does not just affect one individual but their immediate family and children, extended family and the communities they have long been part of.

We are at best an overcrowded Nation that cannot sustain the influx of many Nationalities without the infrastructure to employ, house and integrate into our communities. Furthermore there is no recognition of the impact of importing cultures, including those with a violent/aggressive way of life, upon settled communities.”

Let’s hope that Pramjit is the first of many and that Solidarity grows both in strength and diversity of support.


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