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Global Corporate Rewrite of Global Work Laws?


The big corporates are at it again, trying to originate or change international agreements and laws to suit their own profiteering purposes, and indifferent to the price paid by the rest of the population… this time it is the already existing international agreements on employee rights that are under threat; and having long since bought the politicians, these corporate interests may now envisage subverting the unions into being their tame accomplices in the New World Order.

The articles that follow are reproduced with the permission of the originators, the Open World Conference In Defense of Trade Union Independence and Democratic Rights. There is a US emphasis in presentation, but what they have to say is relevant anywhere in today’s corporate dominated and ever-more standardised world.

Any reader inclined to reject the notion of international as opposed to national action, or be dubious on ‘libertarian’ grounds, should pause to consider two things: firstly, that this “open letter” petition is not in fact proposing another layer of law — quite the contrary, it is an attempt to prevent the corporates from re-writing laws to suit their own purposes and clear the way for their intended MAI; and secondly, as your country may well (via its so-called leaders) become subject to these international laws whether you like it or not — then until such time as you acquire a better government, such international action as is detailed here affords the only viable block against the globally implemented divide-and-rule schemes of transnational corporate predators, their greedy fatcats and control-freaking political goons… or worse.

Still unconvinced? Well, just consider the recent corporate-bankrolled history of East Timor, and Tony Blair’s compulsion to copy what’s negative in the USA….

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