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Government blocks torture victims case 17/06/2006

The NuLab government of Tony Blair has stood alongside the Saudi government to argue that states which torture should be immune from accountability. The House of Lords quashed a 2004 ruling which allowed four Britons to take the Saudi government and its officials to court. The Saudis, backed by the NuLab government argued that their officials were protected from proceedings in Britain by the State Immunity Act.

Sandy Mitchell, Les Walker, Bill Sampson and Ron Jones were subjected to treatment including beatings, suspension from brackets and psychological torture. They were arrested after a series of bombings in Saudi Arabia six years ago and were tortured to extract false confessions. They were freed after al-Qaeda launched an attack on Riyadh in 2003. That disproved Saudi claims that the atrocities had stemmed from an alcohol turf war among westerners.


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