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Labour Party puts boot into puss 16/01/2006

The Labour Party doesn’t like George Galloway. The Respect MP has been a thorn in their side. When George was chucked out of Labour and his career appeared to be finished he upped sticks from Glasgow Hillhead and headed for London. Standing for the newly formed Respect Party he won the (previously thought ‘safe’) Labour seat of Bethnal Green and Bow. He has been vociferous in his condemnation of the war in Iraq. He made mincemeat of a US Senate committee that questioned him over links to the former Iraqi regime.

It’s a somewhat curious decision for him to enter the Big Brother house. The sight of him crawling on his hands and knees pretending to be a cat was particularly odd. How Labour have gloated about the opportunity he has given them to settle a score! They have orchestrated a campaign to complain that he is away from his duties (potentially for three weeks) and the Labour supporting Daily Record has run headlines like:- Give Puss the Boot.

George is no fool. He must have expected this sort of attack. He says he wants to try to relate to a generation turned-off by traditional politics and try to get his message over. Is he right? At least he has got people talking!


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