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National Liberals Vs. Liberal Democrats – Spot the Difference!

Both the National Liberals and Liberal Democrats believe in protecting personal liberties. These are important and trying times, however, for those who wish to preserve that liberty. A Big Brother state is looming: with ID cards imminent, public order restrictions and a growing surveillance culture. Once we have discarded our personal protections, that thousands have fought and died for over the centuries, it will be hard to get them back.

But the National Liberals and Liberal Democrats are not the same as we differ on some other fundamental issues. Here are just a few examples:


Liberal Democrats believe in surrendering national sovereignty to bodies such as the EU to the benefit of Big Business and Bureaucrats.

National Liberals recognise that national sentiment is intrinsic to mankind and support the preservation of independent nation states.

Free Trade and Globalisation

Liberal Democrats believe in international Free Trade regardless of the impact on jobs and our Balance of Trade.

National Liberals believe that “Globalisation”: the mass movement of people and Capital has gone too far and is holding down wages, threatening jobs and exacerbating social tensions.

The role of the State

Liberal Democrats are ambivalent towards the role of the state in society.

National Liberals oppose too much state control but do believe the state can still play a role in balancing purely economic interests for the good of society as a whole. That means supporting vital sectors of the economy such as the self-employed and small trader, ensuring that all have a reasonable standard of living and giving all an economic stake in our society.


Liberal Democrats believe, as with other “establishment” parties, in the primacy of Representative Democracy, in particular the will of Parliament.

National Liberals accept the need for democratic Parliaments and Assemblies. We don’t believe that they are ‘in touch’ and responsive to the wishes of the people. We want the people to be able to initiate legislation or veto it using referenda and initiative. There are many examples of such systems working in other countries. Such people power would also act as a strong check on parliamentary arrogance.

In short the National Liberals re-unite patriotism and popular democracy with liberalism!


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