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No 3W-BNP electoral pact 03/10/2006

In a generally informative overview of the 2006 English local government elections in Heritage and Destiny issue 25, Peter Rushmore wrote of an electoral pact between the British National Party and Third Way in the London borough of Havering.

Mr Rushmore seems to have come to this assumption by putting 2+2 together and getting 5. He has noticed that the BNP did not contest some seats fought by 3W and that 3W did not fight others where the BNP stood a candidate. He’s wrong. 3W have no electoral pact with the BNP in Havering or any other seat in England. 3W sits on the English Lobby in partnership with the English Democrats. At the last elections we urged members and supporters in areas with no 3W runners to work and vote for ED candidates.

In Havering 3W has a local electoral pact with the People’s Alliance. Candidates for the Alliance did contest seats in Gooshays & Heaton wards with 3W support against the BNP. My suspicion – and that’s all it is as I have nothing to back it up – is that the BNP may have chosen not to contest some seats in Havering in order to concentrate their efforts on the nearby borough of Barking. If so, this strategy seems to have paid them handsome dividends.

For the record, 3W supports the right of the BNP (and indeed just about everyone!) to organise freely, to recruit and to contest elections wherever it chooses. We also oppose the intolerant NuLab-inspired persecution of its members by trades union bureaucrats, PC employers and politicised police officers. We are willing to co-operate with the BNP on a number of free speech issues but this should not be taken to suggest that 3W shares anything else with the BNP ideologically or strategically.

– David Kerr

Soldiers in Afghanistan six times more likely to be killed than those in Iraq 03/10/2006

Soldiers in Afghanistan are six times more likely to be killed than those in Iraq. Professor Sheila Bird, vice president of the Royal Statistical Society, has found that death rates among UK and Canadian troops involved in “major combat” in Helmand province are six times higher than those of UK troops involved in combat in Iraq.

Figures for overall casualties in Afghanistan are being withheld. The Ministry of Defence has failed to collate figures for troops treated as outpatients in field hospitals or by medics while on patrol. It has also refused to say how many UK troops were injured supporting US forces in anti-terror work on ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’. They have further failed to disclose how many UK special forces have been injured while supporting US forces fighting partisans.

There is increasing disquiet in UK military circles that the armed forces are fighting in two major areas – Iraq and Afghanistan and may be over-stretched. It remains unclear what UK national interest is served by involvement in either conflict.


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