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Party Condemns biased coverage toward Solidarity Union 05/02/2006

Third Way has condemned the biased coverage given to the formation of the new Union Solidarity. Patrick Harrington of Third Way serves on the Union National Executive. He singled out an article published by the Independent newspaper for particular criticism.

Patrick said:
“This was lazy journalism – more or less a straight rip-off from an article published by the highly partisan and often inaccurate Searchlight magazine. The article alleged that our Union is a ‘BNP Front’ but chose to ignore the fact that Third Way and others are supporting it. It even claimed that the political fund would support the BNP – before it has even been formed! There was no evidence published to support any such claim.
The Truth is that our Union is open to all and doesn’t believe in political vetting. Anyone who supports workers rights is welcome and that includes both members of the BNP and Communists. I urge all members and supporters of Third Way to support this radical new Union.”


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