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Patrik Ehn introduces A Nordic Third Way

The following item is an English translation relating to a new Nordic Third Way initiative the perspectives or policy of which may differ on some points from those of our own Third Way (3W), theirs being an entirely separate entity.</em>

In the beginning of a new century the world is facing new threats but also new opportunities. The Odal Think Tank has accepted the challenge to formulate a political platform for a nordic third way. This platform shall be seen as a work in progress and political guidance into the future.

Direct Democracy and Decentralized Economy

Our goal is a small-scale society, when this is democratically and economically more durable and therefore less vulnerable.

The communal self-government shall be developed through decentralisation of political power to autonomous local societies (where citizens initiatives are decided by referendums).

Economic power shall be decentralised through reforms that favours small and cooperative companies and that increases the employee influence in big companies. The local society shall have a basic support of food and energy. Private and government monopolies shall be obstructed.

Personal Freedom and Social Justice

A small-scale society where people know each other is also a socially durable society. Personal freedom and safety shall include all citizens.

Every citizen shall be guaranteed politically and religiously freedom without risking being punished by the state or capital.

A citizens wage and lower tax for low wage earners shall secure the economic independence of the individual.

A decentralised child- and elderly welfare will make it possible for families to solve care within the family.

National Freedom and Global Justice

National freedom is a basic condition for global justice. All peoples have the right to political, economical and cultural freedom, that is self-determination, self-maintenance and self-fulfilment. Every people has the right to use self-defence to protect them from imperialistic attacks of a political, economic and cultural nature.

In line with the the principle of national freedom the European Union shall be replaced by a Europe of Nations.

Sweden and the nordic countries shall take the initiative to form anti-imperialistic alliances together with countries from the third world to counteract all forms of imperialism.

Popular Culture and Living Nature

Our goal is a society where people are active practicians, not passive receivers of culture. The school shall therefore encourage to free thinking and creativity and by that contribute to the moral, aesthetic and spiritual development of the individual and through this the whole nation.

Every people has the right to preserve and develope its own culture, and therefore the right to take political actions against cultural imperialism and media monopolism.

People and land are constantly affecting each other. A living countryside and a development of the green economy has both a cultural and a ecological value.

Our goal is a society with a holistic perspective on the human being and the environment around her. Physical as well as mental and spiritual aspects and consequenses shall be considered in political decisions.

The principle of respect for life shall characterize politics. This principle shall be applied on legisation concerning animal rights and matters of beginning and end of human life.

The human being is a part of nature, and the biological multitude in nature shall be preserved.

An ecologically sustainable society with ecologically durable production and distribution shall be built.


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