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Prayers v Sanctions

You may already have read the report on this website by by Krista Clement, A Mother’s Glimpse into the Life and Death of Iraq. We have subsequently been contacted by Emma Brown — a quirk of fate, for she had not seen Krista’s letter — with a suggestion primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at Christians, to make a serious gesture in support of the dropping of cruel and pointless sanctions against the powerless population of that country….

9 May 2000

6th August 2000

I am writing to see if you could help to publicise the above event.

I am a Christian living and working in Reading. My degree is in modern languages, Arabic and Spanish. This has led to a great interest in regional politics and economics in the Middle East.

I have come to realise how dire the situation in Iraq is as a result of sanctions. The above date — 6th August 2000 — represents the tenth year of sanctions in Iraq. These sanctions have not affected Saddam Hussein, but have had a devastating effect on the average Iraqi family.

UNICEF estimate that somewhere between a quarter and a half a million children under five have died as a direct result of sanctions. Sixteen children die every three hours as a result of poor medical treatment or lack of vital drugs banned as “dual use” items. Over a million people have died over the past nine years because of sanctions and an increased rate of cancer, due to the Security Council preventing Iraq from cleaning up the depleted uranium dust resulting from the Gulf war of 1991. The percentage of the population in Iraq suffering from cancer has shot up from 10% in 1990 to 48% in 1999.

The situation is ghastly, Iraqis have no hope for the future whilst they watch the West support a policy that is killing their children. The only two governments at the UN Security Council which insist that this policy against Iraq be continued, are those of the USA and the UK.

I feel as a Christian that we should stand up against injustices in this world, and against policies affecting innocent people who are not in a position to live democratically. I know that the more the issue is publicised, the harder it is for our Governments to continue their man-made genocide.

The Movement for Christian Democracy has agreed to support this day.

Yours sincerely
Emma Brown


Emma may be contacted directly by e-mail. Further details will be posted nearer the day, as arrangements are consolidated. Information can also be found at:  http://www.24-7prayer.com/


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