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Statement from the National Executive 16/01/2006

It has been brought to the National Executive’s attention that an organisation called English First is suggesting that we are a) a racial/ethnic nationalist organisation b) involved in negotiations to set up an electoral ‘National Alliance’ whereby each participant agrees not to put up candidates against each other.

Although we believe it to be highly unlikely that the groups allegedly involved would have sufficient candidates to fall foul of such duplication we would like to make it clear that the Third Way is:

a) not a racial nationalist organisation. We believe in the protection of this Islands cultural heritage and would like to see it promoted more vigorously amongst indigenous and immigrant communities. Although ethnicity clearly plays a part in the makeup of our culture we do however believe newcomers, acting in good faith, can assimilate to a common set of values or ethos. Our nationalism therefore seeks to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

b) we are not in any electoral negotiations with English First or any other ‘racial nationalist’ groups. We do believe in the potential value of electoral coalitions, indeed would go further than merely preventing so-called ‘duplication’. However, although we do not rule out reaching accords with all manner of groups, we are more likely to be working with independents and community-orientated groups and parties. This is a logical corollary of our Patriotic (National) Centrist (liberal) philosophy.


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