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Time for an Alternative 12/04/2006

After cooperating in the campaign to support the proposed Mental Health Unit in Oldchurch (where other councillors chose to remain silent) Cllr Jeffrey Tucker (Independent and Chair of a left of centre pressure group Fair Play) and Graham Williamson (Chair of Romford & Hornchurch Third Way) came together to build an alternative to a bankrupt council administration.

They put together a basic manifesto. This pledges that Council Tax should not rise above inflation, the Promotion of all the borough’s Shopping Centres and Opposition to housing over-development. Ultimately they aim to bring greater democracy and transparency into the Town Hall. They launched this manifesto in January and called upon all community leaders, individuals and small groups/parties to join them in creating an electoral coalition to be known as the Peoples Alliance. The alliance was to put forward candidates at the May local elections. Candidates, under whatever banner they chose for the ballot paper, would be asked to adhere to the basic manifesto and pledged to work together when elected. In a few short months the Alliance have been able to present 45 candidates to contest the 54 seats available and will be standing in 17 out of 18 seats. The breakdown of the candidates is: 25 Independents, 14 Third Way, 3 Brooklands Residents Association and 3 Independent Rainham Residents. They believe that that they have a very good chance of polling well and hope to see at least a number of councillors. If you would like to help the Third Way candidates either physically or financially please contact them urgently at 3W, PO Box 4217, Hornchurch RM12 4PJ (Cheques made out to Third Way).

The fourteen Third Way candidates are:

Cranham, Graham Victor Littlechild

Cranham, Joan Florence Morrison

Cranham, Edgar Smith

Elm Park, Joyce Pammen

Elm Park, Keith Alan Roberts

Elm Park, Graham Keith Williamson

Hacton, Nakkeeran Arasaratnam

Hacton, Gary Dean Roberts

Harold Wood, Nicholas John Causton

Harold Wood, David Warren Durrant

Harold Wood, Geoffrey Taylor

Hylands, Philip Patrick Davey

Hylands, Patricia Frances Amelia Frater

St Andrews, John Graham Coles

Editorial note: We are particularly pleased to welcome Nakkeeran Arasaratnam as a candidate. The first (but not the last we hope!) Third Way candidate of Asian origin. Good luck Nakkeeran and our other standard bearers!


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