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Want a pint? Leave your fingerprint at the bar. 29/10/2006

Drinkers could be asked to leave their fingerprints at the bar every time they buy a pint in a pub or club. They may also have to show ID such as a passport or driving license. Their details will be held on a database available to police. The scheme has been up and running in Yeovil, Somerset and the Home Office is considering trials in other towns and cities including Coventry, Hull and Sheffield.

Graham Williamson of Third Way commented:-
It’s just another crazy step towards a regimented, monitored society where everyone is presumed guilty until proven innocent. The sooner these NuLab loonies are kicked into touch the better for our traditional liberties.” Labour increasingly desperate as SNP gains support 29/10/2006

NuLab is becoming increasingly desperate as support for the Scottish National Party grows. Their latest spin was to suggest that nuclear waste would have to be dumped in Scotland if the SNP achieved independence. Bristow Muldoon, the chair of Labour’s policy forum said:-
“A vote for the SNP is a vote for a nuclear dump in Scotland. Their policy is to separate Scotland form the UK and insist Scotland creates its very own radioactive waste repository.”

English voters are likely to be less than impressed by the argument that Scotland should stay in the UK so that its waste can be dumped in England. Additionally the SNP argue that Scotland may be chosen as the dumping ground for Britain’s nuclear waste and say that they reject new nuclear power stations in favour of green energy.


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