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Rogues' gallery of those opposing voting reform

Among the general atmosphere of dry rot in Westminster, “change” can be considered a bad word. But when it comes to obstinacy against electoral reform, not all MPs are created equal.Some are worse than others. The Vote for Change campaign has identified 13 MPs who are the very worst – making up a rogues’ gallery of resistance to the change we so urgently need.Help them name and shame them now. Write to these MPs and demand to know why, despite the crisis in our democracy caused by the expenses scandal, they won’t allow voters to have a say on a fairer voting system:


Because comfort with voters’ disenfranchisement is a bipartisan affair, politicians from both side of the house are members of their gallery.

On the Labour side, are Jack Straw, Ed Balls, and Peter Mandelson – who mandelsonsaid in 2000 that the first-past-the-post system for electing MPs was “unfair and effectively disenfranchised millions of people.” (Over the ensuing nine years, he’s apparently decided that mass disenfranchisement suits him and his party just fine.)

And on the Conservative side, are party chair Eric Pickles, George Osbourne, and David Cameron – who wants to be the “Change Candidate.” But not to the point where he’ll actually support the sort of change that counts.

These MPs have the power to restore faith in our democracy following the expense crisis and give voters a voice again. But they haven’t. And they won’t, unless we expose them :



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