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The United People’s Party

THE THIRD WAY is dedicated to “creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny.”

It’s also a well-known fact that our main focus is on ideas. As a think tank that advocates a Third Way, we’re particularly interested in any group or individual that takes a general ‘Neither Left nor Right’ position. However, labels or perceptions are of no real interest to us. On saying that, we try to avoid the dogmatists and control freaks of both the left and right like the plague!

Whilst we specifically sponsor the National Liberal Party, we’re interested in co-operating with all groups and individuals who are working towards broadly similar goals to ourselves. To this end we recently took a look at the National-Anarchist Movement (NAM).

Another group that is of interest to us is the recently-formed United People’s Party.

The UUP was set up in early 2009 and is led by Andrew Stott, a former member of both the Green Party and Conservative Party. Late last year – and at the grand old age of 19 – he became a Councillor after being co-opted onto Enborne Parish Council, in West Berkshire.

The UPP takes a ‘Neither Left nor Right’ position in that it “does not fully support (or oppose) either the left or right wing political ideals that exist within the UK. The UPP is a party of common sense and, as such, has taken policies and beliefs from both sides of the political spectrum.”

For such a young party, the UPP has reasonably extensive policies covering Government, Health, Education, Environment, Crime and Justice, Defence, the European Union, Immigration and Taxation.

Some of their policies are very radical and thought-provoking indeed – especially their views on Government, where they wish to lower the current voting age to 16, have a 48 hour General Election, have national referendums and produce a written Constitution.

Whilst we might not see eye-to-eye with everything the UPP says, we were impressed with their core values – Equality, Nationalism and Democracy – and that they are willing to work with other parties to “help build a better Britain”.

For a group that’s only been existence for around 13 months, the United People’s Party seem to be wise beyond their years. For instance, like the 3W and the National Liberal Party they seek to make friends and not enemies. They also see the advantage of alliances:

“Only by putting aside the bickering, putting aside personal ambitions and putting aside our mistrust for one another can we come up with viable and realistic solutions to the problems that this country faces.”

To this end, both the National Liberal Party – www.nationalliberal.org – and United People’s Party – www.unitedpeoplesparty.org.uk – will soon announce the formation of the People’s Alliance (UK) – a voluntary organisation that will help Liberal Patriots co-ordinate joint campaigning initiatives.


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