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Progressive Nationalists launch innovative e-campaign.

EARLY AUGUST saw the launch of issue 2 of Liveable Nation – the ‘Newsletter and Think-Tank of Progressive Nationalism’.

This issue was a long time in coming, but the wait was definitely well worth it. Edited by Wayne Sturgeon, it boasts an exciting and modern layout and design. Its vibrant and eye-catching cover would easily stand out beside any establishment publication.

Three months on and the folks behind LN have started to launch an innovative campaign to keep the publication in the public eye. This campaign will consist of e-posters featuring dramatic photographs and artwork. The first poster is shown here.

To get an idea about the thinking behind this move, the Third Way Think Tank contacted a spokeswoman for LN. She told us:

“We’re very happy with the way issue 2 turned out. It sets out our stall nicely. The e-zine notes that Progressive Nationalism is a nationalism based on equality, popular sovereignty and national self-determination. Therefore, Progressive Nationalism rejects the dehumanising materialist doctrines of capitalism and communism – which we view as two sides of the same coin – as well as racism, imperialism, fascism and war.

However, there are hundreds of political magazines out there, so we constantly need to remind people that we exist. We also need to promote Progressive Nationalist ideals. The production of this first e-poster is part of that strategy”.

To read our original report click here http://thirdway.eu/2011/08/05/new-issue-of-liveable-nation-out-now/

To read issue 1 of Liveable Nation click here https://thirdwayuk.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/liv-n-1.pdf

To read issue 2 of Liveable Nation click here https://thirdwayuk.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/ln-2.pdf



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