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Lincolnshire Workers Against Mass Immigration!

Dean Everitt, organiser of the anti-immigration protest in Boston, Lincolnshire. He aims to have around 2000 Bostonians on the streets.

LATER this month a march and demonstration will be held in Boston, Lincolnshire. Largely organised via a Facebook group, local workers will be protesting against the effects of mass immigration on the town.

The Third Way Think Tank understands that those behind the PeacefulBoston Protest March are not against individual migrant workers, but it is aimed at the local council and government.

As one of the organizers – Dean Everitt – put it “the people of Boston ain’t happy. Things need to change as this immigration madness cannot carry on.” Thus the demonstration is to protest at the mass immigration forced upon us.”

Locals have also gone out of their way to say that the demonstration will be peaceful.

With this in mind, we wholeheartedly support the local people of Boston in their stand against mass immigration.

In doing so we would point out that we have no beef with ordinary migrant workers. After all, many of them are just simply trying to provide for themselves and their families.

Our real problem is with the unjust capitalist system.

We agree with the sentiments expressed by one worker against mass immigration who pointed the finger of blame at the evils of capitalism (or of ‘Corporatism’ as he called it):

“I believe the real problem is Corporatism. This is the system in which law and policy are changed not for the good of the people but for the good of the corporations seeking to profit from the change. Immigration policy has in the past been changed as a result of corporate influence. This is Corporatism. The situation in Boston may well have been caused by corporatism where the policy change has had a positive effect for big business, with no regard for its effect on the people. The government are supposed to represent the people, not the big corporations. If your bothered look up corporatism and you’ll see its behind most of the bad stuff you hear about today, like banking.”

(Spelling kept as in the original)


2 thoughts on “Lincolnshire Workers Against Mass Immigration!

  1. France and Germany have opted out of the eu policy that alows European workers to work in their countries.
    So why havent we?
    Our own people of boston and also the rest of the uk are finding jobs harder and even imposible to find as the jobs are taken by foreigners.
    The Goverment states that there are jobs to be had, but those jobs are of leser value than the jobs our workers had!!!
    Just talk to any of our own people and they will tell you their world has gone MAD.

    Posted by Mr Paul Crook | November 19, 2011, 10:50 am
    • We done to the people of Linconshire, London has chosen to ignore the problems faced by the people of rural countys and were starting to make a noise. Spread it to Norfolk next, weve got problems to but no one to high light them.

      Posted by Paul Milsop | November 29, 2012, 2:34 pm

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