Roy Kerridge was born at Whitney, Oxon, in 1941. He attended Holloway Comprehensive, Brighton, Hove and Sussex Grammar School and Worthing College of Art. In 1959 he began writing for the New Statesman. Later he changed to a Chestertonian view of life and began writing for The Chesterton Review, The Spectator, The Salisbury Review, Encounter and the Liverpool Newsletter. He is the author of several books including Beside The Seaside and Other Tales and Druid Madonna (all Britain, Brynmill Press). His latest non-fiction work is The Storm is Passing Over – a Look at Black Churches in Britain, published by Thames and Hudson. He has also written sleeve-notes for Lonnie Donegan records.

Roy Kerridge’s main interests are reading, travelling in Britain and the American South, and drawing children’s cartoons. His pictures have been published in The Voice, Dead of Night, The London Miscellany, The Westminster Review and The Christian Post. His favourite authors, apart from G K Chesterton, are PG Woodehouse, Taki, Rudyard Kipling and WW Jacobs. He lives in London.


Patrick Harrington was born in Kennington, South London in 1964.  His secondary education was at the Pimlico Comprehensive School and Tenison’s School. His further and higher education were at City of Westminster College of Further Education (1980–82), Polytechnic of North London (1982–85), Edinburgh’s Telford College (1994–95), West London Technology Centre (1993), Kensington & Chelsea College (1992–93), College of the Distributive Trades (1991–93), University of Greenwich (1997–99) and the University of Northumbria (2011–14).

In 1979 had  joined the National Front after a brief spell in the Young Communist League., and was at the centre of student disputes at the Polytechnic of North London in the 80s as an infantile faction of the “left” sought to deny him access to classes on account of his then political views. The court cases he initiated and won at that time form precedents which continue to protect the rights of all individuals. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy. He voted to disband the National Front in 1989.
He worked for many years on the East Coast Main Line of Britain’s (much undervalued) Railway. He has worked as a Local Assistant to a Member of the European Parliament and is currently employed by the Solidarity Trade Union.

In 1990 he joined with others to found Third Way, having radically altered many of his views and widened his base of social and political contacts; he cites his discussions with Rabbi Mayer Schiller as having a particular influence on him.

Patrick was expelled from the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) on 27 June 2003 following a witch-hunt led by the late Bob Crow. A lengthy appeal process followed which culminated in Harrington addressing the Annual Meeting of the RMT in Exeter in 2005. The delegates voted to uphold the expulsion although Harrington’s own Branch abstained. Patrick says he later got involved in forming a Nationalist Trade Union (Solidarity) because of this. He described the reasons given by the RMT leadership for his expulsion as a pretext to cover a political motive and accused the RMT of supporting a “New McCarthyism”. Although an opponent of the former RMT general secretary Bob Crow Pat Harrington respected him as a tough Union leader and principled political activist and wrote a favourable obituary of him.

In January 2006, Harrington was appointed General Secretary of the Solidarity Trade Union. In November 2007, following independently scrutinised elections, he was returned unopposed for a five-year period. He has since been returned unopposed for a second five-year term.

Patrick Harrington was born in Kennington and his secondary education was at the Pimlico Comprehensive School and Tenison’s School. His further and higher education were at City of Westminster College of Further Education (1980–82), Polytechnic of North London (1982–85), Edinburgh’s Telford College (1994–95), West London Technology Centre (1993), Kensington & Chelsea College (1992–93), College of the Distributive Trades (1991–93), University of Greenwich (1997–99) and the University of Northumbria (2011–14)

Patrick is a life-long vegetarian with a strong interest in animal welfare. Outwith family (he has two children), his main leisure activities are swimming and yoga; favourite authors are JRR Tolkein, Ursula LeGuin, CS Lewis and Isaac Asimov. He founded the arts magazine Counter Culture which he still edits. He lives in Edinburgh.
Patrick Harrington’s published works include:

The Third Way – An Answer to Blair ISBN 095350770X
The Third Way Manifesto 1997 ISBN 0954478878
The Third Way Manifesto 2001 (with Cliff Morrison) ISBN 0953507793
The Third Way Manifesto 2005 (editor) ISBN 0954478843
Catholic Social Teaching (with Anthony Cooney and John Medaille) ISBN 0953507769
Tolkien and Politics (with Anthony Cooney and David Kerr) ISBN 0954478827
Taking Liberties – A Third Way Special on Attacks on Civil Liberties in the UK (with Nick Griffin, Graham Williamson, Tim Bragg and David Kerr) ISBN 0954478851
Taking Liberties 2 – The New McCarthyism (with Sean Gabb, Henry Falconer, Robert Henderson and Tim Bragg) ISBN 095447886X
Counter Culture Anthology (Edited by Tim Bragg with many essays by Pat Harrington) ISBN 1847281184
TOLKIEN: Redescubriendo el lenguaje del mito y la aventura (Various authours with a contribution from Pat Harrington) ISBN 9788494192401                                                                                                                                         Orwell: Viviendo el futuro y recordando el pasado (Various authours with a contribution from Harrington) (ISBN 978-84-944210-2-0)



Rabbi Mayer Schiller was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1951. His family was in his words “both religiously and politically liberal”. At the age of twelve he decided to become a practicing Orthodox Jew. He had already “turned to the political right some years before that”. At age 15 he began his formal Rabbinic training, entering Yeshivah Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, in the Washington Heights section of New York City. He continued his studies at Mesivta Beth Shraga in the Orthodox community of Monsey, New York. His formal education concluded with two years at the Yeshivah of New Square and six years as a Rabbinic fellow in the Kollel Avreichim of New Square.

His long-held dream of becoming a Talmudic instructor began its fulfillment when he became a full-time staff member of the Yeshivah High School of Queens in 1977. That year, his book The Road Back! which presented arguments in favor of Orthodox Judaism, was published by Feldheim of New York. It has since been twice reissued by the same publisher, and recently translated into Russian. The book was unique in that Dr. Norman Lamm, President of Yeshiva University, in violation of his own long-standing policy, wrote its introduction.

In 1978 Rabbi Schiller authored The (Guilty) Conscience of a Conservative which was “an affectionate critique of the American right”. A major selection of the Conservative Book Club in April of that year, it was warmly reviewed in, amongst others, National Review, Chronicles and Modern Age.

From 1981 till 1987 he taught Talmud, Bible, Codes, American History, Great Books, Political Philosophy and assorted other subjects at the Ohr Torah Institute in Forest Hills, Queens. In September 1987 the Rabbi assumed his current position of Talmudic Instructor at Yeshiva University High School for Boys in Manhattan.

Rabbi Schiller’s writings have appeared over the past decades in many publications, including National Review, American Enterprise, American Renaissance, Tikkun, Rothbard/Rockwell Report, The Patriot (South Africa), Tradition : a Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought, Third Way (UK) and many others. He lectures widely on topics of religion, culture, politics, race and ethnicity, having appeared from Toronto to Pretoria and throughout the United States.

In addition, the Rabbi found time to coach his school’s hockey team to a record of 66 to 5, which has won them six consecutive championships.


David Kerr is a founder-member of Third Way, and contested one of the Northern Ireland seats in the 1994 European Elections. He is a regular contributor to both Third Way magazine and The Independence, himself editing the Ulster-Nation magazine and website, in addition to which he has written articles on the Ulster situation for a many other journals.

David is the author of The Real McCoy: W.F. McCoy: Prophet of Ulster Nationalism and a co-author of Tolkien and Politics.

David, a keen cyclist, has a strong interest in environmental and housing issues. Based in Belfast, he is prominent in a number of local community projects, and describes himself as a non-sectarian radical Ulster-nationlist.


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  1. I was delighted to read that Mr Harrington has changed his political beliefs. I remember the days of protest outside the poly and I was appalled that the left were against the idea of winning the argument by debate. One has to remember that those days saw much of the Trotskyite left acting as cheerleaders for the I.R.A and I.N.L.A Political movements using the boot, baton and bomb to get their points of view across. Ask yourselves what type of organisation uses those methods together with tarring and feathering. The truth is that there were many groups , parties and movements supporting and funding active fascist organisations. I too believe in Co-Operative small scale politics it is the only way for civilisation to progress. More is not better in fact bigger dehumanises people. Thank you Third Way for giving me the opportunity to add my twopeneth. Regards comrades.

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