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Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

http://www.cyber-rights.org This is the site of a non-profit civil liberties organisation; it is run by Yaman Akdeniz of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Leeds. All aspects of internet law, censorship and control, free speech and privacy are covered in articles or in jumplinks to other relevant sites and university departments, … Continue reading

Counter Culture

Find out about the cultural war of position. The online journal Counter Culture reviews films, books, art-shows and music from an alternative standpoint.

Solidarity Trade Union

Solidarity is a Trade Union that stands up for British Workers. It welcomes members from all trades and professions. It refuses to vet members on political grounds and opposes discrimination by employers. It opposes non-unionised migrant labour and offshoring. Open to all it provides a refreshing Nationalist alternative to the TUC affiliates.

Political Resources Page

This site, maintained by Richard Kimber, is an excellent starting point for political research on the Web. Click here to visit the site.

Building the Free World Order

Site dedicated to providing resources to help “provide you with the most advanced and widest range of practical freedom information available – not only the freedom information on oour site, but also links to thousands of the best freedom sites on the web. Deeper knowledge of freedom can be applied to improved many areas of … Continue reading

Brother Malcolm

Dedicated to Malcolm X and radical black nationalism. Learn more about the struggles of our black comrades. Abdul Alkalimat, ed., Malcolm X: A Research Site (launched May 19, 1999: University of Toledo and Twenty-first Century Books) Click here to visit the site.

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