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Yellow vests and unions team-up against Macron

Strikes and protests swept France on Tuesday as the grassroots gilet jaune (Yellow Vest) movement and trade ­unionists came together for the first time in significant numbers. The Yellow Vests have put tens of thousands of people onto the streets every Saturday for 12 weeks in a row. A movement that began over fuel prices has … Continue reading

Harassment of MPs: the stench of hypocrisy

Scenes of Tory MP Anna Soubry being harassed by pro-Brexit campaigners outside the House of Commons have filled the broadcast media. Some remain supporters have seized on the footage to further stigmatise and demonise those who support Leave. The truth is that many Leave supporters were dismayed by the harassment of Anna Soubry though they … Continue reading

Review: Workers November/December 2018

Workers is the bi-monthly journal of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) or CPBML. Don’t let that put you off though! Workers is a well researched and well written 24 page magazine crammed with interesting ideas. This issue has a strong focus on Brexit (the CPBML are pro-Leave) but there are also articles on union … Continue reading

Foodbank use likely to break all records this Christmas

Shamefully Foodbank use this Christmas is set to be the busiest on record, the Trussell Trust warns. The charity said that its 400 foodbanks are expected to be called upon to deliver more emergency food supplies over the Christmas period than ever before. Numbers are expected to be higher than last December, when the Trust … Continue reading

Benefits sanctions “pointlessly cruel” says new report

A report released on Tuesday condemned the Tory government’s benefit sanctions regime. The MPs’ Work and Pensions Committee said the human cost of sanctions, where benefits are withheld, is “simply too high” and “pointlessly cruel”. Benefit sanctions are penalties imposed on claimants who do not meet conditions such as attending job centre meetings. As well … Continue reading

Labour warned by Trade Unionists on Second Vote

Backing another referendum on European Union membership could “derail Labour’s chances more than any other campaign,” Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU) has warned. On October 20 the Conservative Party conference opens in Birmingham and supporters of the misnamed “People’s Vote” will be on the streets in large numbers. Another Europe is Possible which supports … Continue reading