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Poor children still doing badly at school

The gap between poor pupil’s attainment at the end of primary and at the end of secondary school has widened according to a new government report. Reseach by the Social Mobility Commission shows that since 2012, poor children are making less progress year on year than more affluent children. The report finds that poor children … Continue reading

Does the US still want Syrian regime change?

The U.S. under the former President Obama has always wanted to impose Syrian regime change, insisting that the Syrian people should not be allowed to vote for Bashar al-Assad in any elections for Syria’s presidency. Obama’s position on Syria is incredibly hypocritical and puzzling. Russia, Iran and Turkey – countries involved in recent peace talks … Continue reading

Fake It Til You Make It

THE Third Way think tank – 3W – supports the principle of freedom of expression.  With this in mind, it follows that we also support the freedom of the press – and all other forms of media. Ironically the actions of some elements of the media – in particular the more sensationalist ‘red tops’ – … Continue reading

Outrage as Home Secretary Amber Rudd is reported for ‘Hate Speech’

Professor Joshua Silver has reported Amber Rudd to the police, believing that her party conference speech that she delivered last year, is somehow unlawful merely for saying that the government should work on ways to prioritize getting Brits back into work ahead of immigrants. Professor SIlvers told the BBC – “It’s discriminating against foreigners – … Continue reading

Israel caught red handed interfering in UK politics

In an embarrassing turn of events for the Tory government Israeli diplomat Shai Masot has been caught by Al Jazzera working with Tory aide Ms Strizzolo in a covert camera sting. Both officials discussed a hit list of pro-Palestinian MPs to discredit by way of skullduggery. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “The Israeli ambassador has … Continue reading

Trump promises peace and stability

US President-elect Doanal Trump promised a “new era of peace” on Thursday night — claimed he would to end the US’s regime-change policies of the past. Addressing a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the start of a “USA Thank You Tour 2016” for his supporters in the Midwestern swing states that secured his win last … Continue reading