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Health Secretary accused of ‘illegal activity’

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt may have taken part in “illegal activity” by failing to declare his investment in seven luxury flats, Labour said today. Shadow Cabinet Office secretary Jon Trickett said his party would be referring Hunt to the parliamentary standards watchdog over his failure to properly declare a 50 per cent interest in Mare … Continue reading

Ex-race chief makes controversial call for tougher policing

Former Equality and Human Rights Commission head Trevor Phillips has called for tougher policing in black communities hit by knife crime than in white areas with less violence. Phillips calls come after recent stabbings in London. Many have expressed dismay that PM Mrs May and London Mayor Sadiq Khan didn’t handle the spate of shootings … Continue reading

Havering Council back leaving the EU

Havering Council in east London has become the first publicly elected body in the UK to back leaving the European Union. An alliance of Ukip, Conservative and independent councillors voted by 30 to 15 in favour of a motion declaring the UK would be better off outside the EU. The UKIP group leader on the … Continue reading

Why has Denmark slashed benefits for asylum seekers?

Denmark’s right-wing Liberal Party government has slashed benefits for asylum seekers as it seeks to bring down the number of refugees entering the country. Under new rules, asylum seekers without children will receive less than 1000 euros a month in benefits, almost half of what they previously received. This is about the same level that … Continue reading

TTP – another step in the march of globalisation

It’s big news. The deal in Atlanta between 12 countries means that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) will cover about 40% of the global economy. The deal is between the US and 11 other countries – Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Malaysia, and Peru. The aim is to reduce tariffs and … Continue reading

Bank bail-out: rewards for some

The Tories announced plans yesterday to reward some taxpayers for the public bail-out of Lloyds Bank — those with enough spare cash to buy shares at knock down prices. The Tory government intends to sell at least £2 billion worth of shares to the public next spring. And small investors can make 20 per cent … Continue reading

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