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Another publication in the pipeline!

Issue 1 of New Horizon out now!

THE FIRST issue of New Horizon – the National Liberal Party’s ‘in house’ publication – is now available. NH pays homage to an earlier Liberal National/National Liberal journal, which was published between 1942 – 68. Published as an e-magazine, issue 1 consists of 24 pages designed “to showcase (and debate) the ideas and policies of … Continue reading

New issue of British Worker out Now!

THE LATEST issue of British Worker – the paper of Solidarity Trade Union – is out now! As we’ve previously noted (see our articles We Heard it on the Grapevine … of 5 October 2010 and Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad! Of 20 November 2010) it’s now produced as a street version and is … Continue reading

ConDem threat to the NHS

The ConDem government’s plans for our NHS are a serious threat. Local health services would be broken up, and private companies brought in. The Health and Social Care Bill is deeply unpopular. The main group representing doctors, the British Medical Association, said the plans were “dangerous” and called on the government to withdraw them. [1] … Continue reading

Foreign intervention in Bahrain – but not on the side of the protestors

It’s interesting to contrast the attitude of our Political Class toward Bahrain and Libya. Our ConDem coalition is gung ho to interfere in Libya, advocating arming rebels and intervening militarily with talk of no-fly zones and possible bombing. Yet on Bahrain they remain curiously silent. The small kingdom with an increasingly alienated Shia majority has … Continue reading

Student Protestors have our support

University fees in England and Wales are already among the most costly in Europe and if trebled to £9,000 will be among the most expensive in the world. The average across all sectors in the US is around £7,000 and even private universities in Japan (£4,379 a year) and South Korea (£5,379 a year) will … Continue reading

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