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New issue of British Worker out Now!

THE LATEST issue of British Worker – the paper of Solidarity Trade Union – is out now!

The latest issue of British Worker. For a FREE pdf copy just e-mail solidaritygb@aol.com

As we’ve previously noted (see our articles We Heard it on the Grapevine … of 5 October 2010 and Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad! Of 20 November 2010) it’s now produced as a street version and is thus more ‘agit-prop’ in tone. This is in line with the union’s policy of building an “infrastructure of a mass media of news and entertainment”.

Solidarity also hopes to produce national, regional and trade-based ‘agit-prop’ publications in due course. And an ‘in-depth’ publication may be launched in due course. This will look at and ‘weightier’ subjects like trade union ideology, strategy, history and law.

According to Solidarity’s web-site (1) the first few issues of the new style British Worker will be produced on an ad-hoc basis. It’s also aimed at “ordinary British working families, who’d normally read the ‘Sun’, or ‘Mirror’. Thus, it’s very ‘populist’ in tone. Articles are tight, punchy and to the point. It’ll concentrate on ‘bread and butter’ issues.”

This new issue is certainly direct and to the point. The main article – What A Waste! – asks how successive British governments can always find money to find money for war but not for peace. It questions how the “politicians can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds meddling in other people’s internal affairs. But at the same time they say that there’s no money to support Public Services.”

British Worker goes on to condemn the Con-Dem government for its domestic policies which are “creating untold misery for hundreds of thousands of ordinary working people” and concludes that Cameron and Clegg should “take a long walk off of a short plank!”

The Third Way Think Tank would like to congratulate Solidarity Trade Union on producing this first ‘agit-prop’ issue of British Worker. It’s very easy on the eye and simple to read. As such, it could prove vital in the fight for the hearts and minds of ordinary workers.

To get hold of both the last magazine format issue of British Worker and the new ‘agit-prop’ version simply e-mail solidaritygb@aol.com and ask for both FREE pdf copies.

1) http://www.solidaritytradeunion.com/news-mainmenu-52/485–21122011-get-your-free-copy-of-british-worker


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