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Review: Workers November/December 2018

Workers is the bi-monthly journal of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) or CPBML. Don’t let that put you off though! Workers is a well researched and well written 24 page magazine crammed with interesting ideas. This issue has a strong focus on Brexit (the CPBML are pro-Leave) but there are also articles on union … Continue reading

Book review: “Eagle of Saladin: The Life of Gamal Abdel Nasser”

For most British readers Colonel Nasser will be forever associated with the “Suez Crisis” of 1956. This biography of the Egyptian nationalist leader by Troy Southgate seeks to give a fuller picture of a man who led Egypt from 1956 until his untimely death in 1970. Helpfully, the early part of the book gives a … Continue reading

Review: Putin Vs Putin

Review: Putin Vs Putin: Vladimir Putin Viewed From The Right Author: Alexander Dugin Paperback: 318 pages Publisher: Arktos Media Ltd (30 Sept. 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1910524115 ISBN-13: 978-1910524114 The author, Alexander Dugin, is a prominent figure in the “Eurasian” movement in the Russian Federation. His fundamental belief is that the interests of Russian foreign … Continue reading

Review: God and the Gay Christian

God and the Gay Christian: the Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships. Matthew Vines, Convergent Books 2014. ISBN-13: 978-1601425164 £15.11 CHRISTIANS who discover themselves to be gay face a dilemma. Do they be true to themselves and risk being outcast and lonely or continue to live as if they can ignore this fact about … Continue reading

Rabbi Outcast: Elmer Berger and American Jewish Anti-Zionism

I ARRIVED home last night to find on my doorstep a copy of the new book Rabbi Outcast: Elmer Berger and American Jewish Anti-Zionism by Jack Ross.  How thrilling!  I knew Rabbi Berger, who died in 1996, and admired him greatly for his courageous work on behalf of what he called “emancipation and integration” and … Continue reading

The Battle for Barking

Reviewed by David Kerr LAURA FAIRIE filmed, produced and directed this astonishing fly-on-the-wall documentary over the twelve months leading up to the general election on May 6th 2010. Somehow she managed to gain the trust of two hostile factions in Barking; the British National Party and New Labour as personified by party leader Nick Griffin … Continue reading

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