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Liverpool Newsletter

Longstanding Distributist magazine ISSN 0047-4827 Third Way Publications £1.50 Paper – 20 A5 pages Liverpool Newsletter is now in its 44th year of publication. It’s one of the oldest, contiuously published Distributist magazines in the World. Subscriptions are also available at the following rates: UK £5, Europe £6, Rest of World £9. Or order a … Continue reading

Counter Culture

Reviews, comment and analysis on cultural topics ISSN 1358-0590 Third Way Publications £1.50 Paper – 12 A4 pages Counter Culture is a magazine devoted to winning the ‘war of position’ on culture. The last issue (number 12) contained Why not order a sample copy? Subscriptions are also available at the following rates: UK £5, Europe … Continue reading

Hilaire Belloc, 1870-1953

By Anthony Cooney ISBN 0953507734 Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 25 A5 pages Hilaire Belloc was a soldier, sailor, scholar, traveller, poet, historian, essayist, biographer, novelist and political philosopher, the epitome of “Renaissance Man”. He was also a political activist. With fellow writer G.K. Chesterton, Belloc was a leading advocate of distributism. Distributism advocates … Continue reading

The English Dragon

By Tim Bragg ISBN 1903313023 Athelney £5.95 Paper – 256 pages The English Dragon is the story both of loss of innocence and the quest for the meaning of identity. A baby is kidnapped from a railway station in London and his father, Oliver, vows to find him. Part of the narrative is conveyed through … Continue reading

A Declaration and Philosophy of Progressive Nationalism

By T P Bragg and Graham Williamson ISBN 0954478835 Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 32 A5 pages The Declaration and Philosophy of Progressive Nationalism is a bold and spiritual affirmation emphasising the role and nature of democratic nation states within world governance, stressing the synthesis of nationalism and green ideology. In so doing it … Continue reading

G.K. Chesterton – One Sword At Least

By Anthony Cooney ISBN 0953507718 Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 38 A5 pages G.K. Chesterton was not only a noted novelist (The Napoleon of Notting Hill), a writer of detective stories (Father Brown) and poet, but also a political activist. Chesterton championed the cause of distributism – basically, widespread property ownership. His views have … Continue reading

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