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A Declaration and Philosophy of Progressive Nationalism

By T P Bragg and Graham Williamson

ISBN 0954478835
Third Way Publications £5.00
Paper – 32 A5 pages

The Declaration and Philosophy of Progressive Nationalism is a bold and spiritual affirmation emphasising the role and nature of democratic nation states within world governance, stressing the synthesis of nationalism and green ideology. In so doing it underlies the progressive definition of nationalism as a movement for peaceful coexistence and global stability.

Part One is divided into four chapters detailing: National Identity; Ecology; Democracy and Social Justice. Part Two is the philosophy of progressive nationalism. The following is an extract taken from Green:

Just as, ideally:

A painter does not rip the canvas of a cherished painting A singer does not growl a beautiful melody A writer does not casually foul his grammar A designer does not deliberately flaw A builder does not construct on shifting sands A gardener does not poison his land A farmer does not neglect his stock We will not, as Nationalists, betray our Green ideals. We will not foul our land.


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