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Clifford Hugh Douglas

By Anthony Cooney ISBN 0953507742 Third Way Publications £2.50 Paper – 16 A5 pages This booklet by Anthony Cooney gives a brief outline of Douglas’ life and career, the impact of his ideas and rise of the world wide Social Credit Movement, and for the first time an overview of the effect of Social Credit … Continue reading

The Third Way – An Answer to Blair

By Patrick Harrington ISBN 095350770X Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 20 A5 pages UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has spoken and written much of a third way. Blair has taken the term from his advisor Prof. Anthony Giddens who published a book called The Third Way in 1998. Blair followed his lead with The … Continue reading

Social Credit – Asterisks

By Anthony Cooney ISBN 0953507750 Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 43 A5 pages Anthony Cooney has been an active campaigner for Distributism and Social Credit and is former editor of Liverpool Newsletter. This book is a collection of nine essays, published in a variety of journals between 1980 and 1991. Each essay is an … Continue reading

The Real McCoy: W.F. McCoy: Prophet of Ulster Nationalism

ISBN 0953507785 Third Way Publications £2.50 Paper – 16 A5 pages The Real McCoy is the first volume in our planned series of Northern Ireland politics booklets. These are designed to promote interest in all aspects of Ulster politics from an Ulster-nationalist perspective. William Frederick McCoy was the unionist MP for South Tyrone in the … Continue reading


By Anthony Cooney ISBN 0953507726 Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 42 A5 pages In this fascinating pamphlet, Anthony Cooney outlines the history and ideas of the Distributists. The Distributists rejected Marxism and offered instead a vision of a society of free and property owning men and women. The author argues that Distributism and Social … Continue reading

An Essay on the Restoration of Property Hilaire Belloc

ISBN 0954478800 Third Way Publications £5.00 Paper – 78 A5 pages. Belloc never saw Capitalism and Communism as opposites: “The only economic difference between a herd of subservient Russians and a mob of free Englishmen pouring into a factory of a morning is that the latter are exploited by private profit, the former by the … Continue reading

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