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An Essay on the Restoration of Property Hilaire Belloc

ISBN 0954478800
Third Way Publications
Paper – 78 A5 pages.

Belloc never saw Capitalism and Communism as opposites:

“The only economic difference between a herd of subservient Russians and a mob of free Englishmen pouring into a factory of a morning is that the latter are exploited by private profit, the former by the State in communal fashion. The motive of the Russian masters is to establish a comfortable bureaucracy for themselves and their friends out of the proletariat labour. The motive of the English masters is to increase their private fortunes out of proletariat labour. But we want something different from either.”

Belloc not only saw the essential similarity of Capitalism and State Socialism, he had a clear picture of the alternative – a third way:

“There is a third form of society and it is the only one in which sufficiency and security can be combined with freedom and that form is a society in which property is well distributed and so large a proportion of the families in the State severally own and therefore control the means of production as to determine the general tone of society; making it neither Capitalist nor Communist”.

Belloc argues passionately for a society in which property is well distributed.


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