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Shaw V. Chesterton

George Bernard Shaw and G.K. Chesterton

ISBN 0953507777
Third Way Publications £3.50
Paper – 26 A5 pages

This booklet presents the text of a debate between noted Fabian George Bernard Shaw and Distributist, novelist and poet G.K. Chesterton with Hilaire Belloc in the chair. It tackles issues such as the right to private property, state ownership and central planning versus the market. Issues that are as important now as they were then. The tone of the debate is good-humoured and each participant makes jokes at the other’s expense.

Chesterton states that “Mr Shaw is making abstract diagrams of triangles, squares, and circles; we are trying to paint a portrait, the portrait of a man. We are trying to make our lines and colours follow the characteristics of the real object. Man desires certain things. He likes a certain amount of liberty, certain kinds of ownership, certain kinds of local affection, and won’t be happy without them.” This booklet should allow you to judge for yourself which of these literary giants gets the better of the debate.


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