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Issue 1 of New Horizon out now!

THE FIRST issue of New Horizon – the National Liberal Party’s ‘in house’ publication – is now available. NH pays homage to an earlier Liberal National/National Liberal journal, which was published between 1942 – 68.

Published as an e-magazine, issue 1 consists of 24 pages designed “to showcase (and debate) the ideas and policies of the National Liberal Party, the ideology of National Liberalism and historical antecedents.”

New Horizon is a magazine where both thought and action meet. Thus it’s crammed with ideological and ‘practical’ articles. For instance, the lead article – Head & Heart – explains that liberalism and nationalism/patriotism, function in political philosophy like the head (liberalism) and heart (nationalism) in the human body:

“Thus a vital Nationalism and Liberalism within society can be seen as a perquisite for a healthy people as a vital head and heart is for a healthy body.”

There are also Book reviews on the Philosopher Yael Tamir’s seminal work Liberal Nationalism and a recent biography on Liberal National MP and Minister, Leslie Hoare-Belisha.

New Horizon also includes a section on party news, featuring articles based around five key issues. They include Civil Liberties, Democracy, the Environment, the National Health Service and the Economy.

We hope to bring you a detailed review of NH in due course. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the cutting-edge promotional tools that the NLP says it will use to advertise issue 1 of New Horizon.

To get hold of your FREE copy of NH simply click here: New Horizon No.1


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