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Words Of Wisdom – John Seymour

“Karl Marx, who spent most of his life in the reading room of the British Museum Library, probably came as little into contact with nature as it was possible to do and still stay alive. The result was that his philosophy ignored everything not human absolutely completely. He was aware (just) that food came from the country. He was aware that there must be some people out there somewhere who grew it. It was his object to rescue these imaginary people from what he called ‘the idiocy of rural life’. What is that to the idiocy of spending all your life in the British Museum Library?”

John Seymour, The Ultimate Heresy (Green Books, 1989).

John Seymour (12 June 1914 – 14 September 2004) was one of the great modern pioneers of organic farming and self-sufficiency. Read his obituary here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2004/sep/21/environment.guardianobituaries


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