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Labour: “things must change in order to remain the same”

The phrase “things must change in order to remain the same” from the novel “The Leopard” by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, is particularly apt when considering the Labour Party’s relationship with the bosses and their lackies. It suggests that in order for a society or system to maintain its current state, it must adapt and … Continue reading

World Cup: Qatar vs Decency

We’ve finally reached the moment supporters and migrant workers have been dying for. Say what you like about Qatar (or if you live there maybe don’t!), but attention now turns to the football. We can just enjoy the England victory over Iran and look forward to future games. Or can we? Should we? Qatar is … Continue reading

Hope for Chilean Democracy Based on Swiss Model remains

When Chile’s rejected constitution was drafted, the country looked to Switzerland for ideas on direct democracy. The rejected constitution was to replace the one used since the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, which had ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. In October 2019, large swathes of the Chilean population took to the streets to protest … Continue reading

Technology Sovereignty: Why the UK Needs to Invest in & Protect Its Innovation

The UK has long been a powerhouse when it comes to technology. We have some of the best minds in the world working on everything from artificial intelligence to renewable energy. However, there are concerns that we could lose our edge – and our sovereignty – if we don’t take steps now to secure our … Continue reading

SNP exposed over support for sex pest boss “Groper” Grady

The Scottish National Party (SNP) declared that it had a “zero tolerance” approach to the sexual harassment of workers. Fine words. Yet the case of Patrick “Groper” Grady shows that these fine words don’t translate into actions. Grady was banned from the Commons for two days sexual misconduct towards a junior party employee and made … Continue reading

Is the Kibbutz Socialist?

In this essay, I will deal with the Kibbutz phenomenon from a purely political perspective, including my own experience of whether or not I found the Kibbutz to be a form of Socialism in Action, or a form of Actually Existing Socialism, to borrow the old CPGB line regarding the former Soviet bloc nations (plus … Continue reading

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