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If you are interested in African politics, Libya, The Green Book or cryptography and security the Mathaba site will have something for you. Click here to visit the site.

The Global Justice Movement

A great resource for activists and thinkers and even activist thinkers (or thinking activists)! The website states: “The Global Justice Movement (GJM) includes YOU, your group, all people of faith in all religions and, simply, people of good faith. Upholding the core concept of Inclusive Justice, it is based on the willingness of people to … Continue reading

G.K. Chesterton

This site, devised and maintained by Martin Ward, concerns his favourite writer. A good place to learn about Chesterton, who is of interest to us because of his economic theories but is probably best known as the author of the Father Brown stories. As this site illustrates, however, Chesterton was prolific; poetry, novels and essays … Continue reading

Politics of Switzerland

Find out about the politics of Switzerland – far more interesting than you might think! Switzerland practices a form of direct democracy and devolves power to “cantons”. Who says our Third Way ideas couldn’t work in practice – not the Swiss. Click here to visit the site.

Jay Kinney's Clinic of Cultural Collision

A great variety of unusual links from a real character and one of our favourite freelance writers. Click here to visit the site.

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