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UKIP are telling lies about their policies

UKIP is under pressure. It has been dogged with claims of ‘racism’ and criticised for advocating policies including privatisation of the UK National Health Service and scrapping employment rights. Opponents including Labour, the Greens and the British National Party have put UKIP policies under close scrutiny. Trade Union groups like Unions Together and individual Unions … Continue reading

The Battle for Barking

Reviewed by David Kerr LAURA FAIRIE filmed, produced and directed this astonishing fly-on-the-wall documentary over the twelve months leading up to the general election on May 6th 2010. Somehow she managed to gain the trust of two hostile factions in Barking; the British National Party and New Labour as personified by party leader Nick Griffin … Continue reading

Third Way launch anti-Labour European Election leaflet

Third Way today launched a campaign to persuade voters not to vote for the Labour Party in the upcoming European elections on June 4, 2009.

The leaflet attacks Nu Labour for failing to:-

Protect British jobs from migrant labour
Protect British taxpayers from Banking greed
Protect British citizens form a Big Brother State Continue reading

Sleaze and the Speaker

House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin has always struck me as very biased. I recall the way he handled the first PM questions of Gordon Brown to stifle debate and criticism. There is a tribal aspect to him that makes him seem ill-suited for the job. Michael Martin earns £137,000 a year nonetheless. It is … Continue reading

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