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World Cup: Qatar vs Decency

We’ve finally reached the moment supporters and migrant workers have been dying for. Say what you like about Qatar (or if you live there maybe don’t!), but attention now turns to the football. We can just enjoy the England victory over Iran and look forward to future games. Or can we? Should we? Qatar is … Continue reading

Licence to Lie: the Sunday World and Patrick Harrington

The following article is reproduced to highlight a problem that can result from self-regulation, in this case self-regulation of the Press. The case illustrates how self-regulation can result in a failure to act against those who breach professional and moral standards. It seems that rumour and gossip have become substitutes for fact and the Press … Continue reading

Foreign intervention in Bahrain – but not on the side of the protestors

It’s interesting to contrast the attitude of our Political Class toward Bahrain and Libya. Our ConDem coalition is gung ho to interfere in Libya, advocating arming rebels and intervening militarily with talk of no-fly zones and possible bombing. Yet on Bahrain they remain curiously silent. The small kingdom with an increasingly alienated Shia majority has … Continue reading

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