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Supplying arms to Ukraine just fuels conflict

A group of trade union leaders, writers, and politicians have recently called for an increase in military aid to Ukraine. In an open letter, they argued that to achieve a democratic and lasting peace for the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, it is necessary to defeat Russia’s brutal imperialism. They called on governments to provide … Continue reading

Trump promises peace and stability

US President-elect Doanal Trump promised a “new era of peace” on Thursday night — claimed he would to end the US’s regime-change policies of the past. Addressing a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the start of a “USA Thank You Tour 2016” for his supporters in the Midwestern swing states that secured his win last … Continue reading

Russia acts to stop spread of terrorism

Syria has welcomed Moscow’s intervention yesterday as the Russian air force launched raids against terrorist groups operating in that country. Syrian President Bashar Assad confirmed yesterday that Russian operations were being carried out on the request of the Syrian government. This was in stark contrast to the Nato bombing of Syria. Nato bombing has no … Continue reading

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